The power of God

In nothing is the power of God made more manifest than in the preaching of the cross of Christ for the salvation of men. The Napoleon’s and Alexander’s of the world have conquered much through force and through sword, but such conquering is not enduring, nor can it be because it conquers everything EXCEPT the will of man. The conquering of the will of man through the cross alone, is the highest display of the power of God, exceeding even that of creation. In redemption through Christ, the will of man is conquered not by sword nor by force, but by mercy and grace. What grace conquers, it keeps conquered! Can you imagine the power required to cause someone to love you, that has previously despised you? Immense! Yet even the hardest of hearts can be melted at the thought of a crucified Saviour suffering on their behalf.  This act of redemption is the highest display of the power of God and apart from this cross, mankind has never been able to conquer in such a manner. There are utopic dreams of it, but it has never been actualized in any lasting degree. Power such as this belongs only to the cross of Christ.


So hard is the heart of man, the greatest miracle that ever was, is the salvation of a single soul. For this soul to be conquered not by force, but by grace and mercy, reveals the absolute power of God. The gods that mankind have invented, must do their conquering with force as a man would do, but so high is the conquering of grace above that of force, that it cannot even be the invention of man. The whole idea of salvation by grace absolutely has to be sent from God!


When you go out this week, think on Christ the Saviour who bore your sin debt on the cross. REALLY think about it, dwell on Christ the substitute who died on the cross on your behalf for as much time as you can. The whole idea may sound as foolishness in the beginning, but let grace do its work and soon you too can’t help but know the power of God!


1 Cor 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

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  1. ricky earle says:


    unto us which ARE saved!