The direction of Christ

Many a person will stand and call out to others to ‘come to Christ’, but is that the way it was meant to be proclaimed? Not particularly. I believe it is better to proclaim to ‘GO to Christ’, and here is why:


Far be it from me or any preacher to ever tell anyone to ‘come to Christ’; as though the way to Him either stops at, or must pass through either of us; as though we held some infallible position between them and Him. What I must tell you is not to COME which may cause you only to seek to be where I am, but to ‘GO to Christ’ as though you not only do not have to come to Christ through me, nor some infallible way I have invented, but rather that you may have to go quite a distance around me to get to Him. Too many treat salvation as though they have the lock on the door. That is not the way it is. Those who most loudly proclaim the ownership of the lock are those least likely to have it. Those who put systems and theologies of men in place or exalt particular denominations or forms as though they had the key to life, are the least likely to know Christ personally and know nothing yet as they ought to know. It is Christ that is to be exalted, and any message that bears not its ‘GO to Christ’, is no message ‘FROM’ Him. To be the gospel message, the hand must always point  to Christ, at the expense of man and traditions of men.


The Sardisian may be to the left of Christ, the Ephesian to the right, the Philadelphian in front and the Pergamosian in the back, Christ may be approached from many a direction. The grand importance is not the direction you approach Christ from, but rather the Christ whom you approach. Each may have their ideas as to who He is, and what He came to do, but any that exalt man (self) or the systems of men (direction to Christ) at the expense of Christ only prove they are pointing not to Christ at the center.


From one vile wretch to another vile wretch, I leave you with this. However it is you must get to Him, please just …….‘GO to Christ’!


Mark 6:56 …and as many as touched him were made whole.

5 Responses to “The direction of Christ”

  1. Janice says:

    Good Day, Lee,

    When I pray for our lost family members and neighbors, I pray that they TURN to Jesus. Turn away from sin and turn towards the Son of God. That is how I have come to think of the act.

    So many words could be used. I believe God knows the intent in the heart and if someone is using a word He does not like, God in his wisdom will educate a willing follower.

    If someone is told to ‘Come’ to Jesus and they do submit to the Lord through that call, from that time on, their salvation is between them and the Holy Spirit, as long as they totally submit to Him.

    For instance, my husband and I turned to Jesus while watching the ‘PTL Club’ on TV. Did we stay followers of that pitiful freakshow, NO. We became followers of Jesus Christ. Even while we were viewing the show we were aware of the frailty and faults of the ones on stage but God in his infinite Mercy used them to call to us.

    Just wanted to add my thoughts, anyway.

    Appreciate your Blogs and am praying for you & yours,

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Janice

    Turning to Christ is a good thing, and there is nothing wrong with praying that people ‘turn’ to Christ. However once one has ‘turned’ to Him, the next thing for them to do is not to stay where they were when they turned, but to actually ‘GO’ TO Him for that most intimate of fellowship. The GOING includes the turning.

    Though they may be just different stages of words, I find that these things are quite interesting to think about.

  3. Janice says:

    Dear Lee,

    This is something to which I will give thought. Thank you for your kind reply,

  4. mike says:

    Good article Lee…never really thought about “going” to Christ, but as I look back in the beginning of being saved I didn’t come to Christ, I went to Him, not knowing fulling who He was, but throw going to Him, He began to reveal Himself.

    Not sure if that makes sense or not, but its the best way I can explain it!:)


  5. Lee says:

    You explained it well Mike!