The title of ‘sinner’

Every man, both saved and unsaved are to properly take the title of sinner, but what exactly does this mean? It goes kind of like this.


I am a sinner by title not just occupation. For example if I was a welder, that would be my occupation, but my occupation can change, however my title remains ‘Mister’ and can’t change because that is the way I was born. Likewise, I am a sinner by nature because that is the way I was born. Even if saved, my occupation with sin may have been changed to occupy myself with better thoughts and actions, but my title remains. A casual look reveals that I see enough sin in my very nature (without even considering my actions) to remember that I will always retain that old title of ‘Sinner’. Why? Because that is the way I was born.


Now some may say, but what about the Mrs., her title has been changed from Miss? Good point. Her title is now ‘Mister’s’, that is, she is titled after the man to whom she has married. The problem is when you type her blood and other associated things, you find that it matches the family she came from rather than the husband she married. Though she is now the ‘Mister’s’ through marriage, she sheds not the characteristics she was born with. She may now live and work in a different household, but she never loses the physical characteristics that defined her. Why? Though she is the ‘Mister’s’ by marriage, she is still the ‘Miss’ by birth.


I am a sinner by title, because that is the way I was born. I may change the things I occupy myself with, and even come into the marriage relationship with Christ, but until I shed this body, I don’t lose my original title. Through marriage to Christ I may be referred to as a ‘Saint’, but ‘Sinner’ is the way I was born and is the title that defines who I am.


“A sinner is a precious thing,

The Holy Ghost hath made him so…”


When one sees himself as a sinner it is a blessed work of the Holy Ghost in conviction.


If you see yourself as a sinner and have rightfully taken the title of sinner, then be of good cheer “…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…”

3 Responses to “The title of ‘sinner’”

  1. the Mrs. says:

    now on this we totally agree……….

  2. Jean says:

    Though some of us may proffes that we are indeed sinners, we refuse to take the whole title after we proffes Christ. Just like the Pharisses claimed to know God, so by that claim they thought of themselves as righteous.

    I think its John MacArthur who when asked if he was a bad person, said ” I have an alien righteousness ” That was his answer.

    Now you may say, whats wrong with that answer? Firstly he could not even bring himself to admit that he was a bad person, which to me screams pride. Secondly he then claims the righteousness of God as his very own, which is probably blasphemy I think. I say that because He will not admit that he is a vile wretch yet claiming to have the so called alien righteousness.

  3. Lee says:

    When Christ returns with his saints, everyone remaining including JM (should he make it till then), will be convinced they are ungodly sinners (Jude 14-16), but to be convinced of it at that day will mean it is too late…..

    …the unjust knoweth no shame… Zeph 3:5