The churches of Revelation

Among other things, the seven churches of Revelation, represent seven different mindsets with regards to their approach of Christ. These mindsets are typified in our modern denominational groupings.


I have summarized the seven churches relatively simply below. Christ has something good to say about all but the last, and a rebuke of some sort for all. Those who are actually Christ’s need to examine which ‘church’ best fits their mentality (not necessarily their place of attendance) and heed the admonishment. I don’t believe that anyone would like to hear Christ rebuke them personally, so it is best for us all to heed our own rebukes and address them now while we still can.

Ephesus- Represented by the Independent Fundamental churches- Can find error well, but have little or lost their love for Christ.

Smyrna- Represented by the church in Communist and other like Countries- Persecuted unto death, need to hold fast the faith unto death

Pergamos-Represented by the Pentecostal/Charismatic churches- Bold, but not discerning and generally relish error

Thyatira-Represented by Episcopal type churches (United, Anglican, Methodist Etc.)-Good human works, but not for Christ

Sardis- Represented by the Reformed churches-Have the truth, but pride in having it keeps it from their hearts leaving most yet dead

Philadelphia- Represented by brethren wherever they may be-Well done, but are to hold fast the faith

Laodicea- Represented by the New Evangelical (EG Purpose Driven et al) type churches-Nothing good to say about it, the lukewarmness is putrid to Christ.

Each of the churches surround Christ, yet none of them have a lock on the Christ in the center. Take heed, some of the bride of Christ can be found in each one, but there will not be many of Christ’s bride in any of them!

Where art thou?

5 Responses to “The churches of Revelation”

  1. Jean says:

    Very sobering post, gave me much to think about…This question may sound silly but are the Churches of Revelation meant to be symbolic only?

  2. Lee says:


    There is at least a 3-fold meaning to the 7 churches:

    1) Rev 2-3 were addressed to 7 specific churches in Asia.

    2) They represent 7 specific periods of church history that will take place before the Lord’s return.

    3) They represent 7 generalized church types that have existed in each period of time, though the majority visible church in each time is characterized by the particular period. (IE Smyrna still exists today in places like North Korea, but we are in the latter part of the Laodicean period).

  3. mike says:

    I was thinking about this very subject a couple of weeks ago. So many in the church, discount themselves from the 7 church category. They hold themselves pridefully separate, thinking God is referring to someone else. But after being out of the “church” system, I realized that each person that calls that is a christian, being part of the universal church, and is the TRUE CHURCH, needs to ask themselves what category to do fall in?

  4. Lee says:

    You got it Mike!

  5. ricky earle says:

    thanks for this brother