The darkest of ages

I was speaking to a neighbour the other day, and he mentioned that there is so much information around that he doesn’t know what to believe any more. I told him it was all part of a much larger plan to bring men into ‘the darkest of ages’. He was a little confounded at that statement, as you might well be but allow me to explain.


Centuries ago when the religious establishment forbade the common folk an ability to read, it was a spiritually dark time, so dark in fact that it was named “The Dark Ages”. For the knowledge of God as revealed in His word was held captive by devious men, unwilling to loosen their grip on their professed power over the eternities of souls. Then along came the invention of the printing press, which made books available to the common folk, and was the beginning of the end of that madness. The original design of it was not to make just any book available, but to make the Good Book, the very word of God available to the common folk. It was a wonderful invention, the learning to read and to write spread forth quickly, and the word of God became accessible to everyone. With the word of God then loose and available for the public, the bride of Christ grew, as many were saved. These saved people in turn wrote much for the edification of the future church, and the plan of Satan to withhold the light of the word of God from the people was abated for a time.


Moving on to plan B, Satan said to himself, “Since I can’t withhold the word of life from the people I must provide a distraction”. From then on, book after book was written, with story after story, and truth after truth; a little here, a little there, along with a mixing everywhere until it reached the point we are at today. There is so much to read or watch or hear, and so much truth mixed with error and contradiction amongst it all that few even know what to believe any more.


With all this truth mixed with error, and error upon error having been written and put forth into the minds of men, if someone were to come up to you and say “this is the way, walk ye in it” you should rightly answer “and why should I believe you?” Why should you answer this way? Because ‘the darkest of ages’ are upon us, with here a charlatan, there a charlatan, everywhere a charlatan. Not that this surprises the children of God, because the word of God has let us know that “knowledge would be increased” (Dan 12:4) at this time, but this is not so much the knowledge of God as it is the knowledge of anything but God. There will be many false teachers teaching many false things giving many false hopes 2 Tim 4:3-4, 2 Pet 2:1-3, Matt 24:4-5), so much so that to the tuned ear their only common rallying cry will be to go “any way but to Christ Himself”. The world may have you look for salvation in church, in ordinances, in self, in false religion; they may have you deny the need for salvation, and even deny the very existence of God. As those who oppose your soul, these multitudes are teaching from the imagination of evil hearts, to have you look anywhere but Christ Himself.


In ‘the dark ages’ men couldn’t read and had nothing to believe, today men can read anything and know not what to believe. The results are the same. Darkness! In our time it is called ‘the darkest of ages’.


For those who are not content with darkness but must have light, to Christ one must go, for Christ Himself is “that Light which lighteth every man” and “in Him is no darkness”.


“…This is the way, walk ye in it…”

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