The wine of heaven

In contrast to both “The wine of the world” and “The worry of the world” we have “The wine of heaven”. Unlike the wine of the world, the wine of heaven is not intoxicating but is entirely satisfying and leaves no hangover nor regret the following day. What it does leave is a taste for more! With it being supplied as a simple taste of heaven to those on their way there, this wine when poured out without mixture has none of the defects of a fallen world, and all of the perfectness of a glorious heaven. However because we still live in a fallen world, until we reach heaven there will be but sips for those who will receive it, compared to the spiritual feast when we get there.


The wine of heaven is simply defined as sweet communion with God in and through Christ. This wine is the new wine that floweth from the very side of Christ, it is His supply, and His only to supply. When we look at John 19:34 we see that the blood came first and then the water, and when we look at John 2:7-9 we find it is Christ who turns the water into wine. The redemption of men required the blood of Christ to flow first, followed by the living water of the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39) which Christ alone then turns into wine. The Holy Spirit floweth forth as a rush of living water into the soul of regenerate man, but it is Christ who turns this water into wine of the most pleasant kind.


The wine of heaven has all the characteristics of water in that it sustains life and satisfies thirst, yet along with these it has the sweetness of wine that causes those who have tasted it to desire it all the more. I must admit however, that with the senses of the natural man not being accustomed to it, the taste may appear strange at first (Luke 5:39), but to those who have tasted and drunk well from it (John 2:10), the new wine of heaven far surpasses the wine of this world in every respect.  Drinking well of it is not natural to the carnal man, the reason that these have come to drink well of it is that their bottle has been made new in regeneration (Luke 5:37) and is therefore ready to receive it, for the wine of heaven being so glorious in nature it will cause an old bottle to break. When a man has been humbled he will realize this and must go to Christ for a new bottle to carry the new wine (Luke 5:38). This new bottle is a new heart (Eze 36:26), regenerated by the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5).


In being both the bread and the wine of heaven, it is Christ who supplies all that is needed for sustenance of the hungry spirit and soul of man, which sustenance is typified in the Lord’s supper. There isn’t a drop of the wine of this world that ultimately satisfies, nor is there a drop of the wine of heaven that ever disappoints a thirsty soul. Have you tasted of this wine of heaven, this sweet communion with God sent forth in the Son? If not, will you?

2 Responses to “The wine of heaven”

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for the encouraging post. The wine of heaven never disappoints the thirsty soul…

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you Jean for the encouraging comment. The wine of heaven truly never disappoints!