The wine of the world

A line from the old hymn “Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee.”


The hymn writer has left us  much to think on in that one little phrase. To begin with we must understand that wine is the representative substance of the luxuries/pleasures/ease of this world; and by using wine as the standard substitute for these things, the writer has done well to remind us of the intoxicating nature of all of them. Like wine, though these things may seem pleasant to the natural senses of man in the beginning, yet if unchecked will proceed to hearts that forget the Lord because they are ‘drunk with the wine of the world’.


Intoxicating wine definitely has a purpose, and according to Prov 31:6-7 its purpose is to dull the senses of those who are ready to perish without hope, or those in misery. The soothing effect of the wine provides the help needed for fallen man to forget their own eternal misery; in this way the pleasures of the world mimic the wine.


Say what you will about them, the pleasures of this world are definitely intoxicating. They cause us to want more/bigger/better ones in hopes of preventing the hangover in between, while at the same time causing a growing addiction to them. Like any intoxicating substance, not only do they cause us to focus on that which is toxic for our satisfaction, they also cause us to neglect more important things. Some people are able to make a near lifelong drunk of the pleasures of the world, with never a thought or care of what comes after this world is over. Few indeed are those that take a break from the drunkenness on the pleasures of the world to see just how fleeting and meaningless they actually are. It is these people who are in the condition required to think about more endurable and eternal things such as a Redeemer.


Could I ask you to take a break today from the pleasures of this world that have your attention, and think on eternal things? Think of how long eternity is, think of heaven, think of hell, think of the redemption that is found in Christ, think of a crucified Saviour who shed His own blood on the cross for His people. Think on these things! One taste of that heavenly wine poured out by the Lord Jesus Christ and you will never go back. If you haven’t, will you seek Him out today?

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